Remembrance Day 2018

  • Remembrance Day 2018

    Remembrance Day 2018

    On November 11th, Saint Luke’s Place remembers those who have sacrificed of themselves in order to define the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. We pay tribute to the women and men who continue to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

    During our forty-two year operation, Saint Luke’s Place has cared for many veterans who have demonstrated unimaginable courage and dedication during times of conflict or war. The memory of those contributions lives on at Saint Luke’s Place.

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It has been a source of pride of Saint Luke’s Place to have been entrusted with the care for many of these individuals.

    It is our privilege to give back, if only a fraction, to these heroes who helped make our way of life possible.

    On November 11, please take a moment to remember with us and the rest of the Canada.

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