It was a great night for Plaid

  • It was a great night for Plaid

    It was a great night for Plaid

    Our Party in your Plaid party went off without a hitch on Saturday September 28! It was a full house for another great event. Many danced the night away and lots of you took home some great prizes. Congrats to all you honourary birlers!

    Barb Barlteman dressed as the Log Driver à la Log-Driver’s-Waltz fame. Thanks for that Barb. For your efforts – and for winning tickets to the event, you took home a genuine Log Driver plush toy. We hope you find a good spot for him.

    All proceeds go to our Long Term Care Redevelopment Project. Special thanks to the Hespeler Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, donor and plaid goers alike. A major shout out to our sound and lighting crew – great job ladies and gents. Also we want to thank the Saint Luke’s Place staff committee members for pulling this all together.

    Attached are some pictures from our night. See you at our next event!

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    • Great job Alison once again!! Keep on smiling and sprending the positivity!!!


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