Fundraising For Not- For-Profit Long-Term Care

Why Give?

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, Saint Luke’s Place utilizes all resources to provide the best care and service for long-term care residents, families, staff, and apartment tenants. There are very little to no resources for capital projects, repairs, and maintenance of building and equipment. For this and other projects, Sant Luke’s Place relies on the generosity of our community. We welcome the support of our community by way of donations and pledges from individuals, families, local service clubs, and the business community using methods that are most convenient and beneficial to you, the donor.

How to Give

Everyone’s financial situation and philanthropic objectives are unique.  Whatever your reason for donating and whatever the amount, every gift is accepted and acknowledged with gratitude. Saint Luke’s Place makes it easy to donate online, by mail, by phone, or in person.

  • Online:. Click here to make your donation securely online with Paypal, your debit or credit card.
  • By Mail: Click here to download our donation form.  Complete teh form and mail with your cheque made out to “Saint Luke’s Place” to:

    Saint Luke’s Place
    1624 Franklin Blvd.
    Cambridge, ON  N3C 3P4

  • By Phone: To donate by phone, please call 519-658-5183 during business hours.
  • In Person:. To donate in person, please visit our Business Office during business hours at the address above
Saint Luke's 50/50 Draw
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