Resident Council

About our Resident Council

Residents' Council is an integral part of Saint Luke's Place's governance.

Residents are elected annually by their peers and meet regularly along with a Staff Liaison and a Recording Secretary to discuss upcoming events, quality improvement, concerns and general ideas and suggestions for improvement within Saint Luke's Place.

Family members or other individuals from the community may attend Residents' Council meetings by invitation of the Residents' Council only.

Residents will be informed of the results of all Residents' Council meetings, along with feedback. Meeting minutes are posted for all residents to access.

Suggestions from the Residents' Council shall be documented and responded to in writing within ten  (10) days of meeting date.


Saint Luke's Place values the role of Residents' Council and appreciates their dedication to making Saint Luke's Place a better place for our residents.

For further information regarding Long-Term Care Residents' Council, please visit the Ontario Association of Residents' Council Website.

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