Carrie Fisher

With thirty years of experience, Carrie’s extensive professional background includes executive management, consultation, development, marketing and public relations for notable businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Canada, including the United Way and the University of Calgary. As a lifelong continuous learner, Carrie strongly believes in a good balance of academic and vocational knowledge. Her formal education includes psychology, thanatology, marketing, and non-profit management. Carrie is extremely passionate about philanthropy, community development and making this world a better place for everyone. With a genuine aptitude in mentoring, motivating and relationship building; she leads her teams with a participative and open leadership style. Carrie’s objective in her role as Director of Fundraising and Development with Saint Luke’s Place is to execute a successful capital campaign while developing an outstanding strategic fundraising plan and Development Department, with the overreaching goal of improving the quality of life for the residents of Saint Luke’s Place and the community at large. In her spare time Carrie enjoys a good comedy show, working out and family time with her daughter Sophia. She is also involved in several organizations including her Christian fellowship network, the Leadership Education Program at Western University, Pillar Non-Profit Network and Operation Underground Railroad, an activist charitable organization rescuing human trafficking victims around the world.
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